In 1916, Leon and Dorothy Spaulding purchased 100 acres in East Sebago, Maine, for $100 from the Fitch brothers, members of a local prominent family. With 850 feet of frontage on the western shore of Sebago Lake, the second largest lake in Maine, the Spauldings built a magnificent estate. Leon, along with his brothers Huntley and Rolland (who would later both serve as governor of New Hamphshire), owned the Spaulding Fibre Company in Rochester, N.H., which was the source of the Spauldings' great wealth. Both Leon and Dorothy oversaw the construction of Rockcraft, employing local carpenters and over 30 skilled masons from Italy.  It was Dorothy who designed the two fireplaces in the great room, indicating on a hand drawn design the type and origin of each stone.

Leon died in 1924 and Dorothy stayed at Rockcraft until her death in 1963. The stone mausoleum where the two lie buried is located on the estate, surrounded by lovely rhododendron bushes almost 100 years old.


Dorothy Spaulding, c. 1922

Rockraft lodge great room, c. 1932

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be
— Inscription on Rockcraft's sun dial, shown here to the left with Mrs. Spaulding

Leon Spaulding, c. 1923